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Our suites of devices, appliances and systems connect you in one common network which can independently connect and control remotely. Begin your smart technology journey and make life easier and more enjoyable.
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Microally aims to provide connected solutions using the Internet of Things. We mainly pioneered software and hardware with the integration of wired and wireless technology, where the data is stored at our cloud platform. We have a user interface that’s easy to use, has hassle free integration, flexible and implemented with communication service providers around 4G/5G and fiber networks. With adopting easily with IoT, our products are used for control, safety and security. We have products that connect home, buildings, offices and enterprises.

Our smart IoT solutions allow customers to derive operational insight from their users, energy and devices. Our derived intelligent solutions enhance customer experience and create value from connected home and enterprises. Our key strength is designing, development and implementation of integrated software and hardware products. Expand digital capabilities and become more productive, protected and profitable.

Tree is a product by Microally which includes Tree connected Management Platform implemented at Tree IoT Cloud Platform. Tree OS is a part of Tree Devices and Sensors used for Automation which connects homes, offices, buildings, and enterprises. It automates multiple devices, machines and appliances by providing a premium customer experience with control, safety, security, and monitoring.

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Your Smart Connected Products

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Fully Managed Tree IoT Cloud Empowering Connected Devices

Our IoT Cloud Platform is based on Cloud Native Architecture Virtualized. The Architecture is based on Single Instance deployment at edge sites or deployed at central sites. The IoT cloud platform comes with several key modules like device registry, provisioning, Message Routing, Data Management, Event Management, Rule Engine and Application.

  • features icon Control the Machines & Applications from anywhere.
  • features icon Entire Communication is encrypted and secure.
  • features icon Schedule the machines and appliances control and O&M.
  • features icon Live updates of Features and Security updates for device firmware/OS.

Embedded Firmware (OS)

Tree Firmware (OS) is the software component installed on Tree devices. We offer unmatched firmware customization, so you get a purpose-built device with enhanced security and creating configuration free deployment. It allows devices to communicate between each other and connect to IoT cloud platforms securely. It allows devices to program and manage appliances and machines seamlessly integrated with Tree App.

Devices - Enabling Connected World

Our smart devices are reliable, affordable and come with sustainable energy supply. Get ready to control your energy needs by using smart energy-saving devices.


  • Switch device

    Switch Device

    Appliance Control & monitor with saving energy and using easy installable design.

  • Curtain Controller

    Curtain Controller

    Automated shades, curtains and blinds with auto-trigger feature

  • Switch device

    Door Lock Controller

    Electromagnetic lock to open door

  • Switch device

    Smart Plug

    Control & Monitor Appliances to save energy and health. Few appliances like Oven, Heater, Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Gateway


    Connecting Device to Cloud

  • Door-Window Sensor

    Door-Window Sensor

    Wireless & battery powered, contact sensor

  • Motion Sensor

    Motion Sensor

    Presence and Absence Detection

  • Optical Sensor

    Optical Sensor

    Detects amount of light

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Enable temperature & humidity, monitoring

  • Smart Button

    Smart Button

    Single or double touch to control multiple devices

  • Universal IR Remote

    Universal IR Remote

    Anywhere control over all IR devices with Tree App

  • Glass Break & Vibration Sensor

    Glass Break & Vibration Sensor

    Glass Breaking & Shattering with alert notification

  • Smoke & Temperature Sensor

    Smoke & Temperature Sensor

    Detection Sensor Sense Smoke optically and send alert

  • CCTV


    Any CCTV camera or DVR or NVR can be configured in Tree App

Embedded Software Services

Embedded Software Services

  • Embedded Systems & Software Development
  • Device driver & firmware development (OS)
  • Sensor Integration for IoT /M2M Connectivity
  • OS Porting
  • Performance Tuning-Latency, Boot time, Throughput
  • Telemetry Module
Hardware Design and Services

Hardware Design and Services

  • PCB & Embedded System Design
  • Architecture & Design
  • Component Benchmarking and Selection
  • Multi-Layer PCB Design
  • Design Review & Consulting
  • Functional Test
  • Hardware Prototype development and Testing
  • Hardware Manufacturing
  • Product Certification and Compliance
  • Component Obsolescence Management
  • Certifications CE, FCC, UL, EMI/EMC
  • Power & Footprint Optimization

Microally Solutions

Connected Home


Connected Home, Office, Building & Enterprise Control, Safety, Security and Smart Energy Management

Intelligent Street light solution


Get continuous, seamless and autonomous street lighting operation. Increase performance with pre-programmed schedules or plan manually manage each street lamp based on your needs.

Smart energy meter solution


Get advanced metering smart solutions to build efficient and reliable electricity usage systems. Now access meter reading of every watt and drop with smart energy meter solution.

We Define Connected Future

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